Somaliland Water Project

Hargeisa Downtown, Capitol of Somaliland (2018)

Hargeisa Downtown, Capitol of Somaliland (2018)

Since almost  30 years I have been involved in ventures and projects in Somaliland. I have seen this country recover from the rubbles of the civil war in the late 1980 and become a beacon for democracy and stability in East Africa.

It is my mission to be involved in building the future of Somaliland with men and women that have adapted ethical and moral values and principles based on the understanding of the dignity of the human being and the implementation of justice.

I am doing this through empowering the Somali individuals by providing smart and realistic opportunities for education, training, businesses and social entrepreneurship in cooperation with local initiatives.


In February 2018 plans and efforts begun to developed for a water purification factory in Hargeisa that will have the capacity to provide the 85% of Somalilanders who do not have access to safe, affordable and natural drinking water.

In cooperation with the “Trunz Water Systems” we have established “The Swiss Water Foundation” to support the local initiative SwisSom for the distribution of safe water.

Meanwhile several private, governmental and non-governmental organisations are approaching us and our local partner SwisSom, to find ways for sustainable business solutions providing safe, natural and affordable water for Somaliland.



Providing safe, affordable and natural Water
Pilot Project in Hargeisa 2018

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